4 Bedroom House with 2-Car Garage, Storage Unit, and Shed

Goals: Get the house ready to sell, clean out storage unit

Donated: 65 bags

Discarded: 33 bags





2-Car Garage & Attic

You know how it goes, the longer you live somewhere the easier it is for odds and ends to build up.

Goals: Create more work space, bring all frequently-used items out of the attic into the garage, minimize unnecessary items.

Donated: 15 bags / 10 large items

Discarded: 2 bags / 30 boxes


Condo and 1-Car Garage

Keeping up with three small children is hard, especially in 1,100 sq. ft. and no yard!

Goals: Create effective system for processing paperwork. Maximize kitchen and pantry space. Reduce any excess belongings. Establish work spaces for cooking, office work, etc. Organize without purchasing lots of new containers. Park in the garage!

Donated: 10 bags and 10 large items

Discarded: 17 bags and 1 large item