What do you charge?

I charge an hourly rate that may vary based on your location and the total number of hours you purchase. I recommend that we work in a minimum block of 4 hours, but realize that is not always possible. Please contact minimizepractically@gmail.com for current rates, package deals, and scheduling options.

Will you give me quote before we start?

I can give you a rough idea of how many hours it takes to complete a project. (For example, a typical master closet could take 4-8 hours.) However, in the end, the time we invest will depend largely on how long you need to walk through the process. Some people can make decisions about their belongings quickly, while others may require more time. You can also decrease the amount of time we spend together if you are willing to put in some prep time on your own.

What happens to the stuff I want to part with? Will you take it away for me?

I will help you come up with a plan for where everything goes and I am happy to load up my car and take it to a donation center of my choice. But, I cannot take away trash, large items, etc.  Also, keep in mind that some donation centers will collect your items.

Will you manage a yard sale for me?

In general, I do not recommend holding yard sales. They consume a lot of time and give your mom or your sister a chance to stop by and worry about everything you’re getting rid of. The profit margin is low and at the end of the sale you still have things to haul away.

If you do want to have a yard sale then I will certainly help you prepare for it, but I will not manage the actual sale; this would not be profitable for you unless it was unusually successful.

Who has the final say about what I keep? Me or you?

You! You! You! My goal is to act as a guide, helping you figure out which belongings are actually serving you.

Towards this end, I ask a lot of questions like these whenever I notice hesitation on your part:

Where did you get that? How long has it been since you’ve used it? Why are you keeping this item? Do you have a plan for it? Would your replace it? How much will it cost to replace this if you do regret discarding it?

You may feel that I am challenging you, and in a way I am, but only with the goal of helping you develop processes for making decisions.

How involved do I need to be in the process?

You need to be involved most of the time. The goal of minimizing is to discover what it is you actually want or need. The goal of organizing is to have all your items where you can find them easily and efficiently. So…it’s really all about YOU and your involvement is a must. That said, however, there are certain projects I am able to accomplish on my own with instructions from you.

Will you help me clean out my husband’s/wife’s/child’s possessions?

It is easy to clean out someone else’s junk because it holds no value for you. I don’t think this is a wise move relationally. If you came home to find that box of high school memorabilia done away with, would it increase your trust in your spouse or make you feel more kindly toward them? Probably not. You can only purge your own possessions. However, with some cooperation, you can establish parameters that keep a family member’s belongings localized. Each member of my family has spaces that belong to them. Once that space spills out of its boundaries, then that person knows they need to do some organizing.

Will you work with my family?

If they are willing, then I would happily work with each member separately and with the family as a unit to achieve their goals.

What does the process look like?

Once we have established what you want to accomplish then we will work through categories of belongings. For example, if you are working on your clothing then we will go through shoes, shirts, accessories, etc. If you have an exceptionally large shoe collection then we might subdivide further into heels, sandals, and ballet flats. When minimizing is complete, then we will decide how to best optimize the space you have for those items.