I once asked my husband what my hobbies were. He promptly replied, "You like cleaning out closets and making lists." There you have it, I may be the most boring person alive, but I truly do love those things.

I have spent much of my life being organized, and oh, the hours I have invested. Over the years, with every new child or every new move, I got more and more disgusted with the time it took to organize my stuff. Eventually, while unpacking a box, I realized that I was investing time finding places for things I didn't really want or need. That year, I reduced our belongings by about half and was really happy with the result. I no longer spend hours organizing my stuff and I found great relief in our simplified surroundings.

I would love to help you minimize, too! I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and have worked with residents of the Phoenix area and throughout Northern Arizona.



Minimize Practically. Organize Perfectly.

Why bother with organization? It will make your life easier. No need to waste time looking for that paperwork, you know right where it is! But, maintaining organization also consumes a great deal of time and who wants to spend their life putting things away? Ideally, this is not difficult, but the sheer volume of stuff we own makes it a very daunting prospect, indeed.

Most of us own far more than we can possibly enjoy  or utilize and our belongings become burdensome. That's why I believe you have to minimize first. If you neglect this foundational step, then you will live in a constant state of "getting organized" without making actual progress. And who wants to spend their life doing that?

Why the Daisy?

Did you know that there are around 4,000 species of daisies growing on six different continents? They are an extremely practical flower, adapting to different habitats and thriving there. I believe that reducing our belongings can help us do the same.

Daisies are also one of my favorite flowers, a love I share with the illustrious organizer Mary Poppins, who chose to adorn her hat with them.


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